Paseando por Gràcia

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Photos by Verónica Vasquez

Instagram: @v.erovasquez 




If you are ever wondering around Shoreditch, London then make sure you head to Redchurch Street to check out Miista shoes; a Hackney based brand made with love in sunny España. Their designs are absolutely divine. Some are so simple and yet so chic and elegant. There is definitely a 60s/70s vibe to them, and the shades of mustard yellow are just to die for.

I visited their shop on Friday night as they were showcasing their collaboration with Giuseppe Palmisano, an Italian artist who has previously worked with known brands such as Ikea and Calzedonia. The exhibition featured an installation of a lot of legs, chairs and lights… and of course the lovely Miista shoes. I fell in love with every single pair, especially with the Carlota yellow suede boots. Check out their Instagram and web page for more!!

Instagram: @miistashoes



Enter Room 707



Images taken from Giuseppe’s Instagram account: @iosonopipo

Ode to Summer

Summer 2017 has officially put its hat on and gone. As yesterday was such a nice day compared to the rest of the week, I took the chance to film a short clip wearing some of the staple items of this season.

Still images



Top – ZARA

Wide Leg Jeans – ZARA

White heels – ZARA

Earrings – Mum’s wardrobe 

Plastic shopper – Vintage



Still Life 

A collection of photographs depicting still life imagery and fashion.


The pink shopper, fruit and flowers















Plastic pink shopper – Vintage

White pointy heels – ZARA (old)



The green fluffy slides on top of oranges and lemons



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Green fluffy slides – Oh Hey Girl Store (online shop)



The net bags with groceries







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Net bags – eBay




The white heel on top of red peppers







White pointy heels – ZARA (old)


Net shopper

You might be familiar with the latest summer style trend:


The magnificent net shopper bag. They probably have been around for ages but we have only just come to recognise them a fashion staples. The best thing about them is that they are super cheap, so there is no excuse not to own at least one. They also come in every colour possible, so you can mix and match according to your outfit.


I recently bought a pastel yellow bag from eBay (only £2.95 including postage!), and wore it with pastel pink and baby blue – the perfect colour combo for a sunny day.




If you are looking to purchase a high-end shopper, Chéne bags from Sweden sell some pretty nice ones for 250 SEK, which is equivalent to around £23.00.


Pictures taken from Chene’s website

Alternatively, you can find some for as little as £1.00 on eBay or Amazon, and can even get deals for two.

Happy net bag shopping!


So Glastonbury was already two weeks ago and I still can’t get over it.

After trying for three years in a row to get tickets, I was lucky enough to bag myself two coach packages at the resale back in April – £600 gone from my account at the click of a button, but boy was it worth it.

For anyone that hasn’t yet been and has been dying to go like I have, it definitely exceeds expectations. It’s amazing – everywhere you go there is something to do and see. The detail of every pop up store and food place is unbelievable. So hats off to all the people that spent months putting it together.

I am not going to bore you by giving you the usual ‘festival essentials’ list, but there is one thing I do recommend – DO NOT FREAK OUT IF YOU SEE YOUR IDOL JUST CASUALLY WALKING AROUND THE FESTIVAL. I still cannot get over the fact that I walked straight past Alexa Chung and Father John Misty (after we had seen him perform) and because I was under the influence of alcohol and what not, I panicked, freaked out, stared at them, followed them for a bit, and then completely bottled it. I will never live it down, but I just gotta keep telling myself that they are people just like you and me, and maybe they wouldn’t have appreciated to get “fanned girled” on their night out at the festival… I guess. Oh and also walked past MC Grindah – if any of you have watched the BBC mockumentary ‘People just do nothing’ you would know who he is. It is the funniest show!

But anyhow, I put together a little video of all the footage I did manage to get throughout the week, enjoy 🎥


Welcome to the Seth Rogen Hey Girl Tee


Have you ever gone into Urban Outfitters and picked up those Ryan Gosling colouring books that have a cute little messages in speech bubbles on each page which somehow brighten up your day, just because it is Ryan’s angelic face? Well I contemplated on this idea and thought why not have the face of the other types of hunks of Hollywood with cute messages, the ones that makes us laugh relentlessly and have a cute podgy stomach… This is how the Rogen Hey girl Tee came to life. I chose his face because he is one of the funniest actors I know (thought no one can top Steven Carrell), he has got the most distinctive laugh and quite an adorable teddy bear face.

The T-shirts will be available in the standard sizes (small, medium, large, x large) and will be printed as requested. The t-shirts are made of 100% polyester.

Until I get all the links up and ready to go, enjoy this little photoshoot I did with the help of my baby brother. He is only fourteen but takes the fashion business VERY serious.






T-Shirt – own design

Sunglasses – ASOS (old) 



Ear Décor

Fresh out of my mum’s womb back in the 90s, my parents decided it was a good idea to get my ears pierced right there and then… But, in a way, I thank them because with my needle phobia I could not imagine getting them done now. So the fact that I’ve always had them pierced means that I’ve always worn earrings. They have been a bit of a thing of mine. I remember when I was in primary school, I had this little box that my grandmother got me as a present filled with small pendants – ranging from giraffes, to flowers, to stars, and my absolute favourite, two little smiley bees. Then when I was about 10 years old, I really got into wearing pearls (fake, of course). I had different colours so would alternate every day. ‘Never wear the same ones two days in a row’ – that was the only rule. But yes, I would never ever leave the house without earrings on. And if I did, I would feel naked and would even think that I looked like a boy.

Now that I’m in my twenties, I still feel the same, but I have grown out of the pearl/cute earrings phase and have moved onto the BIG HEAVY ones. I am obsessed with them. If you think about it, a pair of big bright earrings can completely change your look – you could be wearing the plainest shirt and jeans combo, but add some big heavy pendants and you have a COOL shirt and jeans combo.

As cacti related things are so trendy right now, you can imagine how excited I was when I found these amazing pair of cactus earrings in Mango the other day – and only for £9.99! Perfect for summer 2k17. I’m not going to lie though, they are VERY heavy… but when has fashion ever been about comfort anyway :)))) Stay tuned for more!