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Photos by Verónica Vasquez

Instagram: @v.erovasquez 



daddy long legs wears pink










Pink Chinos – Ralph Lauren Polo

T-shirt – Supreme X CDG

Trainers – Old Vans

Mustard socks – Penguin

Aviator Sunglasses – ASOS


Shot on Canon 45OD


So Glastonbury was already two weeks ago and I still can’t get over it.

After trying for three years in a row to get tickets, I was lucky enough to bag myself two coach packages at the resale back in April – £600 gone from my account at the click of a button, but boy was it worth it.

For anyone that hasn’t yet been and has been dying to go like I have, it definitely exceeds expectations. It’s amazing – everywhere you go there is something to do and see. The detail of every pop up store and food place is unbelievable. So hats off to all the people that spent months putting it together.

I am not going to bore you by giving you the usual ‘festival essentials’ list, but there is one thing I do recommend – DO NOT FREAK OUT IF YOU SEE YOUR IDOL JUST CASUALLY WALKING AROUND THE FESTIVAL. I still cannot get over the fact that I walked straight past Alexa Chung and Father John Misty (after we had seen him perform) and because I was under the influence of alcohol and what not, I panicked, freaked out, stared at them, followed them for a bit, and then completely bottled it. I will never live it down, but I just gotta keep telling myself that they are people just like you and me, and maybe they wouldn’t have appreciated to get “fanned girled” on their night out at the festival… I guess. Oh and also walked past MC Grindah – if any of you have watched the BBC mockumentary ‘People just do nothing’ you would know who he is. It is the funniest show!

But anyhow, I put together a little video of all the footage I did manage to get throughout the week, enjoy 🎥


Welcome to the Seth Rogen Hey Girl Tee


Have you ever gone into Urban Outfitters and picked up those Ryan Gosling colouring books that have a cute little messages in speech bubbles on each page which somehow brighten up your day, just because it is Ryan’s angelic face? Well I contemplated on this idea and thought why not have the face of the other types of hunks of Hollywood with cute messages, the ones that makes us laugh relentlessly and have a cute podgy stomach… This is how the Rogen Hey girl Tee came to life. I chose his face because he is one of the funniest actors I know (thought no one can top Steven Carrell), he has got the most distinctive laugh and quite an adorable teddy bear face.

The T-shirts will be available in the standard sizes (small, medium, large, x large) and will be printed as requested. The t-shirts are made of 100% polyester.

Until I get all the links up and ready to go, enjoy this little photoshoot I did with the help of my baby brother. He is only fourteen but takes the fashion business VERY serious.






T-Shirt – own design

Sunglasses – ASOS (old) 



Ear Décor

Fresh out of my mum’s womb back in the 90s, my parents decided it was a good idea to get my ears pierced right there and then… But, in a way, I thank them because with my needle phobia I could not imagine getting them done now. So the fact that I’ve always had them pierced means that I’ve always worn earrings. They have been a bit of a thing of mine. I remember when I was in primary school, I had this little box that my grandmother got me as a present filled with small pendants – ranging from giraffes, to flowers, to stars, and my absolute favourite, two little smiley bees. Then when I was about 10 years old, I really got into wearing pearls (fake, of course). I had different colours so would alternate every day. ‘Never wear the same ones two days in a row’ – that was the only rule. But yes, I would never ever leave the house without earrings on. And if I did, I would feel naked and would even think that I looked like a boy.

Now that I’m in my twenties, I still feel the same, but I have grown out of the pearl/cute earrings phase and have moved onto the BIG HEAVY ones. I am obsessed with them. If you think about it, a pair of big bright earrings can completely change your look – you could be wearing the plainest shirt and jeans combo, but add some big heavy pendants and you have a COOL shirt and jeans combo.

As cacti related things are so trendy right now, you can imagine how excited I was when I found these amazing pair of cactus earrings in Mango the other day – and only for £9.99! Perfect for summer 2k17. I’m not going to lie though, they are VERY heavy… but when has fashion ever been about comfort anyway :)))) Stay tuned for more!



Sunday Chilling with Comme de Garçons

Sunday is always a good day to downgrade and wear something that’s comfortable rather than edgy… but who says you can’t do both.

I love to mix an effortless tomboy look with ‘girly’ accessories to balance it out. This Sunday I got out my beloved Comme de Garçons Play Converse and styled them with some baggy dungarees I got from Monki beginning of this year and a nice summery ‘hippie’ top that I got as a present from my Aunt from South America- but I think there are lots of similar ones in high street shops such as H&M. 

To give it the ‘feminine’ look, I added this lovely straw bag which I bought in a small boutique by Anna Poulsen in Tunbridge Wells (only £36!). I was extremely happy when I found it last week as I’ve been looking for the perfect straw bag for summer 2K17 ever since I came across Chêne bags on Instagram – a Stockholm based brand which “bring straw bags together with the effortless Scandi aesthetic to create the perfect unconventional bags”. I have been obsessed with these for while, in particular the round ones – if you want to check them out here’s the link to their website:

To give it the outfit a retro look I chose to wear my white cat eye sunglasses which I recently bought from eBay for just £3! Honestly, eBay is amazing when it comes to eye wear – you can get amazing designs all for under a fiver. I know they all mostly come from Asia so take a while to get to you, but it is worth the wait!!

Last but not least… the MICHAEL KORS! My most priced position (literally) which I purchased with a whole week’s pay from when I worked at the local farm shop – the sweat and tears from working in that place definitely payed off!




CONVERSE: Comme des Garçons PLAY

TOP: A present from my Aunt in Chile, South America

JACKET: Michael Kors (SS16)




Zapatos Rojos

Summer is here and so are my red shoes.

I think it’s always great to have at least one pair of bright coloured shoes in your wardrobe – the ones you can count on to complete your outfit by giving it that little bit extra. I bought this pair of pumps from Topshop last summer for just £12 and never thought about wearing them until now. I figured life is more fun with these on, and people actually notice! (A lady from work was amazed by how fluorescent these are and actually put a smile on her face).

I styled these pumps with wide leg jeans because aren’t they so in right now! And this lovely vintage purse I bought in a garage sale in Tübingen, Germany when I lived there for a few months. Add some nice flowers to the picture to give it a Morrisey kinda vibe, some cacti (because every other picture on Instagram is about cacti) and cool retro ornaments, et voila! The perfect Spring/Summer picture:


I have also made a short appreciation film of my red shoes, so if you want to check it take a look below!

Shot on my Iphone using a 8mm vintage camera app

Song by Joanna Newsom – Sprout and the Bean







She did it! Alexa Chung for Alexachung


Tuesday 31st May, 2017 – the day I had been impatiently waiting for since I was 16 years old… the Queen of fashion Alexa Chung finally launched her own label and it is sooooo Alexa Chung. The whole collection (which I think is 145 pieces altogether) is to die for. It ranges from jumpers to denim to earrings to thick silver heels – it is everything Alexa embodies and more. You can see inspiration from 60s/70s rock ‘n’ roll fashion including leather and sequin dresses, a two-piece Bowie number, and even a Beetlejuice inspired suit. The collection also includes her trademark tomboyish with a hint of Parisian girl style – definitely the obvious next step after her amazing collaboration with Marks & Spencer’s (still the pride and joy of my wardrobe). Even the runway show was magical – wedding-themed in a chapel near Regent’s Park, with a live girl choir singing classic tunes and confetti… what more could you want. I guess as one of the many ‘number one’ fans I’m quite biased as I will love anything Alexa Chung does, BUT, anyone who is into cool chic style would think this collection is great.

The only thing though – shame about the price tags  :(((((( (the cheapest items are the T-shirts at £85). 

But anyway, I’ve made a collage of few of my fav pieces… ENJOY! 





18763386_10154566100458144_87536812_nHello readers, welcome to my first blog post!


I am a twenty-four year old gal currently based in London (but I am originally from south America hence the Spanish title for this post, which by the way means ‘rookie’). I have finally started my own blog… I figured that since I love clothes, travelling, taking pictures, painting/drawing and collage making, a blog would be the best way to showcase my work.

so if you are into fashion, especially pictures of cute shoes, travelling and just looking at some cool art work then this blog would deffo be up your street… at least I think so!

So for now have a photo that my brother took of my feet wearing some cool heels…


Jeans: ZARA