Net shopper

You might be familiar with the latest summer style trend:


The magnificent net shopper bag. They probably have been around for ages but we have only just come to recognise them a fashion staples. The best thing about them is that they are super cheap, so there is no excuse not to own at least one. They also come in every colour possible, so you can mix and match according to your outfit.


I recently bought a pastel yellow bag from eBay (only £2.95 including postage!), and wore it with pastel pink and baby blue – the perfect colour combo for a sunny day.




If you are looking to purchase a high-end shopper, Chéne bags from Sweden sell some pretty nice ones for 250 SEK, which is equivalent to around £23.00.


Pictures taken from Chene’s website

Alternatively, you can find some for as little as £1.00 on eBay or Amazon, and can even get deals for two.

Happy net bag shopping!