Sunday Chilling with Comme de Garçons

Sunday is always a good day to downgrade and wear something that’s comfortable rather than edgy… but who says you can’t do both.

I love to mix an effortless tomboy look with ‘girly’ accessories to balance it out. This Sunday I got out my beloved Comme de Garçons Play Converse and styled them with some baggy dungarees I got from Monki beginning of this year and a nice summery ‘hippie’ top that I got as a present from my Aunt from South America- but I think there are lots of similar ones in high street shops such as H&M. 

To give it the ‘feminine’ look, I added this lovely straw bag which I bought in a small boutique by Anna Poulsen in Tunbridge Wells (only £36!). I was extremely happy when I found it last week as I’ve been looking for the perfect straw bag for summer 2K17 ever since I came across Chêne bags on Instagram – a Stockholm based brand which “bring straw bags together with the effortless Scandi aesthetic to create the perfect unconventional bags”. I have been obsessed with these for while, in particular the round ones – if you want to check them out here’s the link to their website:

To give it the outfit a retro look I chose to wear my white cat eye sunglasses which I recently bought from eBay for just £3! Honestly, eBay is amazing when it comes to eye wear – you can get amazing designs all for under a fiver. I know they all mostly come from Asia so take a while to get to you, but it is worth the wait!!

Last but not least… the MICHAEL KORS! My most priced position (literally) which I purchased with a whole week’s pay from when I worked at the local farm shop – the sweat and tears from working in that place definitely payed off!




CONVERSE: Comme des Garçons PLAY

TOP: A present from my Aunt in Chile, South America

JACKET: Michael Kors (SS16)





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